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Typewriter Repair

Typewriter Repair | American Typewriter & Office Equipment - San Antonio, TX

American Typewriter & Office Equipment is the premier office equipment dealer and specialist for typewriter repair solutions in San Antonio, TX. We know how valuable typewriters are despite the highly advanced gadgets in what is known as the computer age.

Our typewriter repair services are guaranteed efficient and with topmost quality results. We have professional technicians and repair staff to handle the complex process of restoring and fixing all types of models and brands.

Here are some of the things included in our typewriter repair service portfolio:

• Basic Oiling and Cleaning – We start with the fundamentals of typewriter repair such as cleaning and oiling work. It is a vital task to ensure the condition and quality of your office equipment. Our comprehensive service includes light cosmetic cleaning which focuses on cleaning the moving parts of the typewriter.

• Carriage String Repair – Our complete and full range service includes repair of the carriage string, which is an important restoration process. We make sure your typewriter remains operable by fixing the carriage strings so that it advances after a particular key is pressed.

• Shift Mechanism Restore – We repair the shift mechanism to make sure your equipment is responsive and avoid problems such as slow usage and operations. Our fully equipped staff members know different typewriter brands and models with varied shift mechanism features that require different repair solutions.

• Fixing Sticky Keys –This is one of the most common problems found in typewriters, especially those that are used and old. Our repair solutions will fix type bars including those that do not return whenever a key is pressed.

With American Typewriter & Office Equipment, you can maintain the top condition and operable features of your office equipment through our typewriter repair services. Give us a call today for free service quotes and the latest repair price rates.