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Printer Repair

Printer Repair | American Typewriter & Office Equipment - San Antonio, TX

Based in San Antonio, TX, American Typewriter & Office Equipment is the name to call if you need basic to complex printer repair solutions. We are a full service company handling repair and restoration of different brands and models of printers.

Our printer repair solutions come in a wide array of features and price packages to cater to your needs and requirements. We offer comprehensive restoration services with the most competitive rates so that you can afford restoring your fundamental office equipment to its ultimate operable condition.

Look at the different types and models we include in our printer repair services:

• Dot Matrix Printer – This printer type is designed to print characters using a combination of dots. Dot matrix types of printers are most popularly used for serial printing that is quite complicated and require a special type of equipment. Our professional technicians are highly skilled in repairing this particular type of printer.

• Laser Printer – Using laser beam technology for the production of images, this type of printer is known to be much faster and delivers cleaner prints and texts. The operation process used in laser printers is the same as that used in photocopy machines where heat and pressure is combined to transfer text and images onto the paper. Our laser printer repair team can repair and service different models and brands.

• Ink Jet Printer – The printer works through spraying ink patterns on the paper with the use of a jet or nozzle. The nozzle is where specially formulated inks are ejected to create different images, words and numbers. We have highly advanced solutions and professional technicians that specialize in the repair of this particular printer type.

With a versatile printer repair portfolio, American Typewriter & Office Equipment continues to be a trusted name in the business. Request free service quotes on our repair solutions.