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About Us | American Typewriter & Office Equipment - San Antonio, TX

American Typewriter & Office Equipment has served our clients in San Antonio, TX since 1974. With more than four decades in the business, we have continuously delivered top quality services to our valued customer base.

Our business is best known for our competitive price rates on copier system sales. We also have the most versatile collection of typewriter, printer, and other office equipment. With years of serving our valued clients, we have developed the most comprehensive printer system repair and typewriter system repair in the area.

What made our products and services highly preferred for so many years is our affordable prices then and now. We know how much office equipment repair and maintenance could affect your company’s budget and that’s why we also provide affordable, yet high quality, repair solutions.

American Typewriter & Office Equipment takes pride in our professional technical team that offers customer-centered and highly advanced office equipment repair services for all types of brand and models. Our innovative technology makes our workforce fully equipped and able to function efficiently in every task resulting in top-notch results.

Don’t hesitate to keep in touch with us through our email or call to learn more about our copier sales, typewriter repair and printer repair services.